James Bond Trivia with John Isner and Ernests Gulbis

John Isner and Ernests Gulbis travel the world, have dashing good looks, use tennis rackets as their weapon of choice and claim to be James Bond fans. Watch this exclusive video and see how much Isner and Gulbis really know about James Bond in Outside the Ball’s James Bond Trivia Game. Outside the Ball met up with American ATP Player John Isner & the ever fiesty Ernest Gulbis. The setting of the Boodles is hosted by Stoke Park where several James Bond movies were once filmed so why not chat with the players about James Bond! Our host Mayleen Ramey plays a bit of trivia at this championship resort and tries to find out which ATP player is really a James Bond fan in this clip. Watch to see who answers best… Ernest Gulbis or Jonn Isner?