Denis Shapovalov Turns Villainous In James Bond Audition

Mind your neck! Set it Stoke Park, Denis Shapovalov turned villainous in our James Bond audition, that saw tennis stars reading for various roles from the 1964 classic Bond film, Goldfinger. In this extended clip, it’s all about Shapovalov as he answered questions and showed off his skills to prove he’s the best one for the part!



To play a part in Outside the Ball’s film, Shapovalov had to answer questions as only a Bond character would. “I’m a beast!” Shapovalov replied when asked about his driving ability, but his answer fell flat when he told host and casting director, Mayleen Ramey, that he always drives the speed limit. That’s an answer you want from a tennis player, not a rule breaking movie villain. Another aspect of a dastardly character is the famous evil laugh, which Shapovalov was asked to replicate.



Next the Canadian pro had to prove how well he could decapitate someone using only a hat. Don’t worry, folks. Stefano was not harmed in the making of this video! “Can I keep the hat?” Denis asked after dealing his fatal blow. Should his fellow competitors be worried? From manic laughter to smooth but deadly hat spinning, Denis Shapovalov put it all out there in his James Bond audition.