Kokkinakis, Simon & Paire Give Us Tennis #BeardGoals

Outside the Ball comes bearding gifts! Thanasi Kokkinakis, Gilles Simon and Benoit Paire are putting their best face forward in this interview with Mayleen Ramey. We talked to the ATP stars all about growing beards and new hair goals. Last time we spoke to Kokkinakis he was rocking the famous man bun, but lately the Australian has a more clean cut look. With peach fuzz peaking through his jaw, Ramey asked him about his beard and the growing trend of facial hair. “This is very weak on my behalf!”




With more players leaving the razor at home, we asked Gilles Simon if there is a competition for the best beard on tour. “No but I think I was the first one to start it. One of the first ones.” Simon boasted. “It’s not about a contest, it’s more that I was always too lazy to shave it.”

 Gilles Simon Beard Goals

If there was a contest to win best beard, one tennis pro came to everyone’s mind. “Benoit Paire.” Kokkinakis answered without hesitation. “His is very well groomed so maybe in a few 10-20 years I’ll have something close to that!”


“I think I’m one of the best with a beard in tennis because other players don’t like the irritation a little bit.” Benoit Paire said as he stroked his facial hair in explanation.

Benoit Paire Beard Goals

Benoit Paire definitely has beard goals! Connect with us on social media and let us know which player’s facial hair has your fancy. We could tell you our favorite beard, but we’ll shave it for later!