Novak Djokovic, Coach Boris Becker and Mark Stillitano Tee Up for a Game of Golf

We’re swinging into the week with a fun game of golf. We joined world number one Novak Djokovic and legend Boris Becker for an unFOREgetable afternoon!



Golf has become a popular pastime for tennis stars and Novak and his friends are no exception. With laughter and a little frustration, the pro teed off with his team. “I spend more time in the beach than David Hasselhoff,” joked friend Mark Stillitano as the guys found themselves in the sand. While sand is not a surface they typically play on, team Djokovic did well, but still looked more comfortable on the grass.



Nothing like a playful day of golf with the boys, but now it was time for Novak to get back to work in London. A big thanks to the team Djokovic for letting us tag along!