Outside the Ball Surprises Giveaway Winner with Kvitova Signed Racquet

Surprise! You’re on Outside the Ball! In July of 2018 we announced that the winner of our signed Petra Kvitova racket was Liz Weingart from New York City. To win the Wilson racket, Petra instructed fans to describe Wimbledon in three words and send it to Outside the Ball on social media.

Considering we were filming at the US Open, our host Mayleen Ramey got an idea. Instead of shipping the racket to Liz through the post, Ramey would instead surprise her in person. With a Kvitova racket in hand and a camera crew ready, we rushed up to Liz outside the US Open grounds. “Well I always watch Outside the Ball videos and I love the coverage of the behind-the-scenes of tennis. I signed up and I think you never know, and here we are!” Weingart described with a laugh.

Congratulations Liz! That was one Grand Slam giveaway. Stay tuned, tennis fans. Outside the Ball launches monthly giveaways and our next winner could be you!