Maria Sharapova Invites OTB to Sugarpova Pop-Up at Wimbledon

This week Outside the Ball has a sweet treat for Maria Sharapova fans and candy lovers alike. Our host Mayleen Ramey joined the tennis star for an exclusive tour inside the Sugarpova Candy Lounge, a pop-up shop located in the Wimbledon Village. Since Sharapova launched her own candy business, the premium candy line has released chocolate, gummy candy and gumballs that will satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. With plenty of delicious options to choose from, Maria helped our host decide. “We just launched truffles a couple months ago and I’d say the rum cherry is my favorite.” While their salted caramel chocolate bars are a best seller, Sharapova admitted that the white chocolate with cookies and cream is her ultimate guilty pleasure!


Sugarpova’s newest product is chocolate-covered gummy lips. Yes, you heard that right! Chocolate-covered gummies! The rare treat was not easy to produce and Maria described the struggle of finding the perfect pout. “We perfected the shape of the lip for so many months. I can’t even tell you how many samples we went from”, she explained with a laugh. Maria’s line of gummy treats and gumballs also come with playful names like Sporty, Flirty, Quirky, and Sassy that allows you to pick a treat for every mood.

Sugarpova Product Lips

Throughout the 2018 Wimbledon Championships you can stop by and treat yourself to some goodies at 12 Church Road in Wimbledon Village SW17. Sales from the Sugarpova pop-up supports the National Association of Women Business Owners. Make sure you join us on social media and let us know which Sugarpova product is your favorite! And hashtag #PovaPopUp


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