Outside the Ball Unboxes the Slinger Bag

“This isn’t your ordinary ball machine, that’s for sure!” The new Slinger Bag has been making a name for itself as the ball launcher provides players a portable and affordable way to train from any location. Now our host Mayleen Ramey is unboxing her own Slinger Bag and taking you through all its features!



Mayleen opens the Slinger Bag with ease and begins exploring its many compartments. “What we have here is the compartment for your tennis bag, and everything is labeled. This area here is where the ball comes out of.” While showcasing the power and adjustment settings, viewers can see the panel is clearly marked. Ramey continues to reveal where to store her Wilson Trinity balls, showcase the remote, and other compartments that keep a water bottle and other personal items such as keys and your wallet safe and organized. “They’ve literally thought of everything!”



To see this ball launcher in action, stay tuned for Mayleen’s demonstration. If you want more information on the Slinger Bag, check out their website here.