Yoshihito Nishioka Is A Smart Shopper

Outside the Ball host Mayleen Ramey met with Yoshihito Nishioka to talk about his lifelong relationship with the Yonex brand and what’s in his closet.

The rising Japanese star is no stranger to the Yonex family. During the VCORE racquet launch in New York City, Yoshihito couldn’t see himself with anyone else. “When I started tennis I was three years old. I was using Yonex, and now I’m still using Yonex.”

Off court, Nishioka keeps it simple with a style that he describes as casual and normal but the tennis pro admitted he likes to collect shoes. Ramey, however, was surprised when Yoshihito revealed that his collection wasn’t in the hundreds. “For me 10 is a lot,” he laughed. “I don’t buy like that much.”

From being a smart player on the court, and a smart shopper off, we could all learn something from Yoshihito Nishioka!