Feliciano Lopez’s Celebrity Crush

Feliciano Lopez, also known as Deliciano, has gained admirers throughout his career including the attention of Andy Murray’s mom Judy. In this video, Outside the Ball host Mayleen Ramey asks the Spaniard about his own celebrity crushes.


“I like Jessica Biel a lot. The actress. She’s cute!” Feliciano began when asked about his celebrity crush. The tennis star was then presented with a playful dating game to determine which beautiful and talented actress he’d like to ask out if he were single. The would you rather style questions included famous names like Ariana Grande, Scarlett Johansson, Emma Watson and Rihanna.

Feliciano Lopez Crush

Throughout the game it looked like Feliciano was going to chose Jennifer Lawrence, but in the end, it was Emma Watson’s spell that was too tough to break. We imagine the Harry Potter star’s schedule is too busy for a date but Lopez joked for Emma to call him!


We clearly had a fun “date” with Feliciano Lopez ourselves. Reach out to us on social media and let us know which tennis stars you admire most!

Feliciano Lopez 6