Creating a Kinder Girl World with Madison Keys & Fearlessly Girl

Outside the Ball joined Madison Keys at the Fearlessly Girl summit in Miami. This incredible anti-bullying organization, founded by Kate Whitfield, aims to make a kinder world for present and future generations. Keys is a proud Fearlessly Girl ambassador and has hit back against her own experiences with online bullying throughout her career. Host Mayleen Ramey spoke to the American about the event.


At the summit, the group of young girls were able to listen to a panel of women share their stories and have a sit down with Keys herself. “It’s really just getting a group of girls together in one room and putting them in a judgement free zone, and then saying let’s talk!” Madison explained.

Madison Keys Fearlessly Girl

While social media can bring people together, tennis players like Keys have opened up about the online abuse they endure on a regular basis. The WTA star wants to encourage kids to work out their conflicts in a healthier way. “Helping teach these girls that that’s not how we should deal with conflict. If something is going on, we should not go online and say something mean and hateful. We should stop it at the source.”


Fearlessly Girl is making a difference in the lives of young girls across the nation and Madison Keys is a role model both on and off the court. If you’re interested in the anti-bullying campaign and attending a summit, visit

Madison Keys with girls from Fearlessly Girl