Mother’s Day Tribute with Madison Keys & Her Mom

With Mother’s Day approaching and superhero movies dominating the box office, what better time to celebrate heroic women? This week host Mayleen Ramey asked WTA star Madison Keys about the Shero in her life. “My mom is absolutely amazing!” Keys explained. “She has picked up and moved her life around for me so many times. She inspired me to stay playing tennis, and she’s helped me through some really low moments, but not only that, she has reminded me that I’m not only a tennis player.”


Madison is a proud ambassador for FearlesslyGirl, an anti-bullying organization that aims to make a kinder world for young girls. It was her mother Christine who was a big influence on Madison’s decision to take part. “She’s a massive part of why I wanted to be involved in something like the FearlesslyGirl summit. The fact that I became involved in it and I loved it, and then she full force was like yes let’s do it, and she put all her time and effort into it has been really really special.”

We’re sending love to all the moms and sheros out there who make the world a more inspirational place to live. If you would like to know more about the FearlesslyGirl organization, visit their website at