Grigor Dimitrov Goes Undercover as a Tennis Fan

If you think the guy wearing the bandanna and strange wig looks familiar, don’t worry, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you! In this video, Grigor Dimitrov disguised himself as “Johnny”, a unique character that was on a mission to spread thanks and appreciation to the Delray Beach Open. Every tournament has a hardworking crew behind the scenes that help make the event what it is. Dimitrov joined Outside the Ball to put these amazing people in the spotlight and treat them like the real stars that they are!




After trying on different attire to find his perfect disguise as a regular tennis fan, the Bulgarian went incognito with host Mayleen Ramey. The two approached volunteers and workers around the grounds to give compliments, ask for autographs, and pose for photos. When asked which tennis player was her favorite, a woman proudly answered, Roger Federer. “Okay, (do you like) anyone out of top 10? From a small country maybe?” Grigor playfully hinted.




The surprises didn’t stop there. Later, the tennis star joined Mayleen inside to charm tournament directors and media. Grigor bent down to present a flower to a stunned journalist. “Madam, can I just give you this flower! Thank you for all the work that you do, and you have beautiful eyes!”


Grigor Dimitrov flowers 2


Ending with a high five and a hug, Grigor and Mayleen’s thank you tour around the Delray Beach Open was a success. We want to thank Grigor Dimirov and the tournament staff for making our time there so special!