Karen Khachanov Imitates Liam Hemsworth In Movie Audition

Filmed in the iconic Stoke Park, our host turned casting director Mayleen Ramey continued to audition tennis stars for Outside the Ball’s version of Goldfinger. While other pros read for parts like James Bond, Goldfinger and Oddjob, we created a special role for Karen Khachanov to truly make it his own.



“Basically myself.” Khachanov responded when Ramey informed him he would be playing the part of Liam Hemsworth. It’s become a running joke that Karen himself is a lost Hemsworth brother so this was right up his ally. To insure he was right for the role, Karen practiced smiling attractively to the camera and showcased his best Australian accent.



To set the scene even further, Karen picked up a phone and recreated a possible phone conversation between Liam and his wife Miley Cyrus. “Hi Miley, let me give you a call back. Love you! Bye.”



Karen Khachanov’s extended James Bond audition proves he’s not only a star on the court, but can play in Hollywood too!