Marin Cilic Proves Even Tennis Pros Indulge in a Cheat Day

Former Grand Slam champion Marin Cilic has dedicated himself to tennis, but his life off-court is still a bit of a mystery. Our host and amateur detective Mayleen Ramey searched through social media to find something they could indulge in, and she found it. Pancakes!




Professional athletes typically adhere to a very strict diet, but we all know that even the healthiest of nutrition gurus have a “cheat day” to enjoy the not-so healthy but super delicious side of eating. After uncovering a photo of drool worthy pancakes on Marin’s Twitter account, Mayleen asked the Croatian tennis star how he handles sweet temptations. “They [cheat days]happen quite rarely and they happen probably the most when I’m at home. When I’m at tournaments I’m very conservative with my diet and eat what I need to, but when I’m at home I can have more fun.”


Marin Cilic laugh with Mayleen 2


The conversation moved on from tasty treats to playful nicknames. Tennis stars are no stranger to name changes from fans cheering quirky nicknames from the stands to sports commentators creating their own versions to help them pronounce the names with ease. We asked Cilic what nicknames he prefers. “Red Hot Chili” the FILA ambassador said with a smile.




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