How The Tallest Tennis Players Travel In A Small World

We’re taking our interviews to new heights this week as our host Mayleen Ramey talks to John Isner, Reilly Opelka, Sam Querrey and Steve Johnson about the hashtag #TallPeopleProblems.


“Probably like sitting in an airplane seat or the occasional low doorway, like in a bathroom.” Sam Querrey who is 6’6, started things off for us.

Tall people Querrey

“Hashtag small European beds. Those are a bit tricky.” John Isner, standing at 6’10, joked while they all conversed on the rooftop at the Tuscany St Giles Hotel. Luckily for the tennis stars, the hotel is known for their spacious accommodations. They don’t call New York City the Big Apple for nothing.


“I’m 6’2 so I don’t really have this problem, but I guess for these guys the low hanging scaffolding in New York.” Steve Johnson chimed in.

Tall People Johnson

20 year old Reilly Opelka is the tallest in the group, beating Isner by a hair at 6’11. The rising star agreed with Sam about the struggle he has when traveling to tournaments. “Definitely the airplane is where it gets me the most, for sure. I have no leg room! I have to get the exit row or else I’m in trouble.”


It may be a tall order, but these guys are the pros! Thanks for watching Outside the Ball!