Dominika Cibulkova Is Fierce on Fashion

If you’re following Dominika Cibulkova on Instagram, you already know the WTA star is a fashion icon. Dominika joined Outside the Ball to talk about the incredible looks in her wardrobe and the secret to staying young.



Cibulkova recently celebrated her 30th birthday, but the tennis player hasn’t aged since the first time she appeared on Outside the Ball 5 years ago. Host Mayleen Ramey asked Dominika how she stays so young and if her youthful looks came from her mom. “If you see my mom, they’ll be like oh is this your sister and I’m like no, that’s my mom!”



Next, we move on to play a game called Fashion Umpire. Ramey scrolled through the tennis star’s Instagram account to pick out her favorite looks, and trust us, narrowing that down wasn’t easy. Dominika tells us a little bit about each look and then decides which outfit earns the number one ranking.



“This was during our last year vacation in the French Riviera,” Cibulkova describes of the winning look. It’s no surprise that she picked Versace, which seems to be the designer of choice for the fashion pro.



There is no closet we’d like to dig through more than Dominika Cibulkova’s. This WTA star has proved that she knows how to look fabulous both on and off the court!