Juan Martin del Potro Surprises His Fans

Juan Martin del Potro is considered a fan favorite in the tennis world and we can see why. In this video, our host Mayleen Ramey and the Argentine star came up with an exciting plan to surprise his fans with an unexpected meet-and greet.


After practice del Porto made the usual trek back into the locker room. While the tennis pro was out of sight, Mayleen captured the attention of the young fans outside and distracted them with an interview. “I just like how he goes for everything and tries his best on everything”, one fan said. When asked what they would say if they got a chance to meet him another fan responded, “I would say I admire the way you are so persistent when you play tennis.”

Delray beach surprise Delpo

While they were answering questions, Juan jumped out from behind them. With cheers, selfies and autographed gear, the secret mission was a success! “It’s good for all the players when we do something different like this than to play a match or practice. I think it was very fun!”, del Potro said with a smile.


We had a great time surprising the tennis fans and we thank Juan Martin del Potro for joining us! We’d love to hear from you, share your player encounters with us on Twitter!

Delray Beach Delpo handshake