1. Who let the dogs out? Novak Djokovic has pawsome fans!

2. Floating in on a high note! Caroline Wozniacki not only won the 2018 Australian Open, but she also reached world number 1. We'd say her career is going along swimmingly!

3. The face of victory! Roger Federer is going to need a bigger place as the GOAT brought home his 20th Grand Slam title!

4.  When you want to tour the country but have little time, you do the next best thing! Jelena Ostapenko and Julia Georges traveled through Russia's miniature display! Hope they packed light! 

5. Don't get a big head! Tomas Berdych has been checking out the art scene. One man's creative vision is another man's new friend!

6. Child at heart! Nick Kyrgios wasn't kidding around when he hit with aspiring tennis players and motivated the younger generation!

7. Coming out of her shell! Dominika Cibulkova has an eggcelent time at the Faberge Egg museum!

8. Training day! Fernando Verdasco is working hard on his muscles and his smolder!

9. Females are strong as hell! Serena Williams competed in the Spartan Race and continues to prove she's not one to mess with!

10. New kid on the block! Alex De Minaur is in a breakout year, and having Rod Laver present a Davis Cup jacket is just another golden moment to treasure!


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