1. Werk it while you work it! After his historic title in Cincinnati, Novak Djokovic won over our camera with his professional posing skills during a LACOSTE meet and greet in NYC!

2. You’ve got a friend in Caro! Caroline Garcia visited a children’s hospital during the Connecticut Open and created smiles wherever she went!

3. What is this, a Center for ants? Stefanos Tsitsipas has a great mind for philosophy, so he understands there is no small task.

4.  Big hair, don’t care! Naomi Osaka stands out from the crowd, and we wouldn’t want it any other way! 

5. When you ask her to be your doubles partner, but the response was mixed!

6. You can’t play with us! If you want to hit it with Sloane Stephens and Nick Kyrgios, you gotta raise your game up!

7. Barbie dreams & tennis queens! Serena Williams and Nicki Minaj are not about to drop a remix to Super Bass called Super Baseline, but like.. can they though?

8. Haters to the left! The party don’t start until Andrea Petkovic walks in and our cameras caught her owning the Citi Taste of Tennis blue carpet!

9. Order, Order! Andy Murray is taking over the UK delegation, and his first position on the UN Security Council is likely to declare phones should be allowed on roller coasters!  

10. When it’s school picture day and everyone is looking fly! 


Stay tuned next week for OTB's Top10s Photos!


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