WEEK OF JUNE 4, 2018


1. Frequently asked questions! Judy Murray knows how much fans care about her son Andy's health, and she has something to get off her chest- he's fine!

2. Shades and skins! Vasek Pospisil and Christian Harrison are pairing up in table tennis!

3. A familiar face! We don't know if you guys know this but Naomi Osaka is a pretty big deal in Nottingham!

4.  Smashing good time! Novak Djokovic may have broken a few rackets, but he's not breaking hearts! There is always time for a photo and souvenir! 

5. Ladies in London! Those bloody tourists are at it again!

6. Riding in cars with tennis players! Rafa Nadal is cruising through Roland Garros!

7. What are you thinking about Daria Kasatkina? Oh I don't know. Just tennis stuff I guess.

8. New guy in town! Marco Cecchinato upset Novak Djokovic in a tough match, and he's not taking this opportunity lying down!

9. Support system! Martina Hingis showed love to her former doubles partner Latisha Chan (Chang Yung-jan) after she won the mixed doubles title! Who says ex's can't still be friends?! 

10. Pawlease, Stan! Sometimes taking pictures with fans can be unbearable! 


Stay tuned next week for OTB's Top10s Photos!


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