Week of January 4, 2017



1. Pop the Champagne! Nicole Gibbs rocked the red carpet & the new year, in style!



2. Party like it's 2017! Hopman Cup certainly didn't drop the ball on their New Years celebration. Roger Federer, Belinda Bencic, Alexander Zverev, Daria Gavrilova, and Kristina Mladenovic were just some of the stars who traded in their tennis shoes for dancing shoes.



3. New Years- Party of one. Many of us were eager to kiss 2016 goodbye. Alize Lim was probably hoping for a little more kissing on her side of the court!



4. Sunshine, my only sunshine! We can bearly contain our giggles and awes at this koality encounter between Andy Murray and Sunshine the Koala!



5. Stop and smell the winning! Svetlana Kuznetsova reached her 600th win. How would you like a slice of that success?



6. Hopping into the spotlight! Jack Sock and Coco Vandeweghe may have a match to play, but they're not too busy to take a few questions from the media!



7. Jokes on them! Serena Williams, Caroline Wozniacki and Venus Williams can't stop cracking up! You know what they say, girls just wanna have fun!



8. Spot on! Nick Kyrgios spent quality time with friends from Perth's Dalmatian Rescue. We can think of 101 reasons why we love this!



9. "Excuse me, Mr. Federer. Would it be roo'd of me to ask for your autograph?"



10. That reaction you have when tennis is back! Rafa Nadal understands!



Stay tuned next week for OTB's Top10s Photos!


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